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Allow B.S.G An Opportunity To Bring You Financial Clarity!

Sound financial decisions are the backbone of your business. As a growing company, managing your financial decisions may be akin to looking through a kaleidoscope, with each turn creating an ever-changing picture. Allow B.S.G an opportunity to bring you financial clarity.

Maintaining accurate records allows business owners to see the trends that are taking place within their company. A complete and single set of records helps to identify areas that are productive and cost-effective and areas that require the implementation of changes. Recordkeeping also makes income tax information easily retrievable when business filings are due and verifiable when audits are made.

B.S.G’s full charge bookkeeping services include:

· Organizing your company’s transaction documents, including sales receipts, sales invoices, vendor receipts, vendor invoices, deposit and withdrawal slips, cancelled checks and bank statements (operating, payroll, and merchant accounts).

· Constructing and maintaining “essential general records” (detailed in

· Constructing and maintaining your general ledger (custom excel files for single-entry systems or QuickBooks company file for double-entry systems), including asset, liability, equity, revenue, cost of goods sold, and expense accounts.

· Generating tax-ready trial balance worksheets (with reconciliations, schedules, and reports to support debit and credit balances), as well as year- end profit and loss statement, balance sheet, “transaction detail by account” report, and general ledger.

· Preparing quarterly federal, state, and city employment tax returns as well as annual government, employee and employer copies of wage and tax statements, compensation to independent contractor statements, and corresponding transmittal reports.

Our Business Solutions Group has experience within the areas of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll administration. A B.S.G Representative can visit your place of business and provide a free two-hour assessment of the state of your finances. If you are interested in our any of our bookkeeping services, familiarize yourself with THE RECORD KEEPING PROCESS, then CONTACT US.

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